Top 25 Funny Aunt Jokes and Puns

Everyone likes to spend time with aunt and have fun with her. Do you joke with your aunt? Aunts are like our guardians but joking with them is a different thing. Here are the best 25 funny Aunt jokes and puns that makes your relationship with the aunt happy.

Who is a penguin’s favorite aunt? Aunt Arctica.

What do you get when you drop the croissant your aunt made? A cross aunt.

What did the Auntie cow say to her niece? You are so udderly cute.

What do you call an aunt who is can fix your phone reception? An aunt-enna.

If ant poison gets rid of your aunts, what gets rid of your uncles? Anti-funcle cream.

Aunt Jokes One Liner

I can’t touch my aunt or I’ll explode. She is made of auntie matter.

My auntie was killed by a stampede of turtles. It was a very slow death.

I really loved Aunt Endre, so I decided to clone her. That way I would have double Aunt Endres.

My aunt is having twins. My Dad thinks she should name the girl Denise. And the boy Denephew.

I planted some daffodils on my aunt’s grave. She never liked them, but after a while they started to grow on her.

The sister of my mom works in a bakery and is always in a foul mood. She’s my cross aunt.

The way my aunt died was ironic since her star sign was cancer. She was eaten by a giant crab.

There’s no way I can touch my aunt without exploding. She’s made of auntie matter.

I have an aunt who has a traditional remedy for Tourette’s. She swears by it.

I hope Will Smith’s mom didn’t watch the Oscars. He might have to move back in with his auntie and uncle in Bel-Air.

My aunt is a Jew. A holocaust denier as well. We call her Auntie Semite.

For years, my aunt has been eating soil. It really keeps her grounded.

My mom’s sister took methanol and now cannot move. Later though, I found out it’s commonly used as auntie freeze.

A man in Alabama killed his wife, sister, mother, niece, daughter, and aunt. How many people die?

I asked my aunt, “What is the cost of a couple?” “2 or 3” she replied. This probably explains why her marriage ended.

After visiting my mom’s house, my Aunt commented, “If you have anything that no one likes, or makes people upset, or is useless, throw it away.” The next time my Aunt visited she said “Where is your daughter?” My Mom said “I followed your advice.”

An aunt of mine was a human cannonball. I’m not sure if she was good at it until she got fired.

Auntie believes mucous membranes have rights. She calls herself a Phlegminist.

There are two of my mom’s sisters who live in the wilderness of Alaska. It’s a double aunt tundra.

Birthday Wishes for Aunt

“Wishing my sauciest aunt an A1 birthday.”

“HOPPY Birthday! You’re getting old, but this bunny does not CARROT all.”

“WHALE, WHALE, WHALE, it’s your birthday. Hope it’s SHRIMP-ly amazing!”

“Hope you have a GRATE birthday. You’ll always have a PIZZA my heart, no matter how you SLICE it. Hope that’s not too CHEESY.

“Hope your day is TRICERA-tops! We think you’re absolutely DINO-mite. We’ll come visit soon, but until then just keep being your ROAR-some self.”

“Here’s a toast to BUTTER days! You deserve all the best on your birthday.

We love you! Happy Birthday, Auntie!”

“Happy Birthday!! I’m not KITTEN when I say I love you! You’re PURR-fect in every way, and I YARN for the days when we get to see each other! I wish I was hugging you right MEOW, but until then this card will have to do. Love you!”

“It’s your birthday, you BATTER believe it! So happy you’re still alive and CAKE-ing. You make my life so FUN-fetti, I DONUT know what I would do without you. Nothing holds a candle to you.”

“Wishing you a BERRY happy birthday! You’re one in a MELON.”

“Happy Birthday! Now LETTUCE TURNIP the BEET!”

“Your birthday is kind of a big DILL. We really must KETCHUP soon.”