Spiritual Meaning of Running Over a Squirrel: Bad Omens

Spiritual Meaning of Running Over a Squirrel
Different spiritual meanings can be associated with the act of running over a squirrel. Typically, these are interpreted as communications originating
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Werewolf Symbolism: Spiritual and Dream Meaning

Werewolf Symbolism
A powerful sexual symbol, the werewolf has long stood for wild desire, dominance, and savage lust. Its phallic claws and vicious bites show the
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Lion or Lioness Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism (Leader)

Lion or Lioness Spiritual Meaning
Lions Symbolize Strength and Leadership. Throughout history, lions—the king of beasts—have represented valor, authority, fairness, and victory.
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Spiritual Meaning of Skunks: Totems & Dream

Spiritual Meanings of Skunks
Skunks are generally seen as symbols of wisdom, forethought, and discretion in Native American culture. The appearance of a skunk could
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Spiritual Meaning of a Dead Frog: Symbolism and Dream

Dead Frog Spiritual Meaning & Symbolism
Frogs are a symbol of change, rebirth, and transitions in many religions and philosophies. Seeing a dead frog can make you think about the
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Spiritual Meaning of a Toad: Know Its Symbolism & Interpretation

Spiritual Meaning of a Toad
The toad appears frequently in myths and folktales. This creature, despite its unattractive appearance, is usually the story's hero. The Catholic
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Dream of a Beaver – Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism

Dream of a Beaver
Beavers are simple animals that are found in the northern hemisphere. There are mainly two types of beavers: the North American beaver and the
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Dreams of Bulls: Their Symbolism and Spiritual Meanings

Dreams of Bulls
In the Mesopotamian and Egyptian cultures, bulls were symbols of fertility and strength. You will see a bull in many of the encryptions and drawings
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Great White Buffalo Meaning in Spirituality: Symbolism & Dream

White Buffalo spiritual meaning
The great white buffalo is an animal that holds a very special place in spirituality. People from different regions and cultures take it in different ways
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Spiritual Meaning of a Dog Peeing on You: Good and Bad Omens

Spiritual Meaning of a Dog Peeing on You
Dog peeing on you as a dream symbol can mean different things to different people, depending on the dream's context and the dreamer's feelings
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