napalm sticks to kids lyrics

Napalm sticks to kids lyrics From what I read, it could be a one-man project, backing band or a spread of lineup changes in a Brisbane-based band that started in 1988 as well. The band played sporadically in Brisbane in the years following their triumph at the awards show. The first recordings were concluded in 2011, which includes five of them. The one from Cal Crilly, most likely a band’s member or a related person, who has his personal YouTube channel and the home page on which you may find the older videos. Also, the band features its CD “I Foreign I” on the Bandcamp website where you can download the music for free by entering $0.00 in the field. She mentions that she has moved to UK and now she performs her song “Orbiting” and “Turning of the Sun” at her busking music gigs. This implies that there is still some musical activities taking place even when she is not in her home country.

napalm sticks to kids lyrics

Napalm Sticks to Kids

The given text appears to be a song or a poem that gives the illustration of the horrible scales used in warfare, the use of napalm one of them being during the Vietnam War. Through the lyrics it is very apparent that the lyrics portray the cruelty and the callousness in which a soldier goes on to commit his indiscriminate atrocities against civilians, including female and children. It offers a very clear depiction of human essence of war-dehumanization and in the course of time the moral corruption evolves.

Know that this paper has highly detailed and very graphic content that is very disturbing. The reasons behind extensive civilian casualties and environmental degradation during the Vietnam War can be explained through the use of napalms — one which was the most controversial and painful parts of the conflict. Your words tell it like it is, offering this viewpoint one of the most tragic consequences of when troops engage in conflicts on people who are unaffected Napalm sticks to kids lyrics.

The language of the song is a powerful symbol of the cause and effect of war. It is a caution about seeking after peace and understanding not for occasions when such atrocity happen again.

The content mentioned here speak of the flechettes, which were small arrow-like warheads containing projectiles, which were launched from 2.75 inches rockets that were carried by both, rotary and fixed-wing aircraft during the time of wars. This is exactly how the flechettes were created, in order to be launched at a very high speed and then spray the target area with a wide pattern upon the spreading of the warhead, pinpointing little protected material or people behind thicks vegetation.

napalm sticks to kids lyrics

Flechettes were deployed as an anti-personnel weapon against the troops or guerrilla fighters where it was highy likely that multiple people would be present in close proximity. The compact size and design of the flechette delivered the pain of a thousand cuts. They could mow down troops in open fields as well as penetrate lightly armored positions.

Similar to other kinds of war weapons, their usage, indeed, will always remain a tragic exhibition of how powerful innovations are utilized to turn the combat situations into places that will turn in large numbers of casualties and utter desolation.

Napalm Sticks to Kids


With the lyrics you sang, there is a song or poem that resonates with the sorry experiences of the war, renaming primarily on the awful wounds of napalm on the civilians, which include children. The use of the phrase “Napalm sticks to kids” in the chorus stanzas serves as a reminder of the turbulent and unforgettable nature of children left with the scars of this weapon.

napalm sticks to kids lyrics

The verses picture bombing episodes irrespective of who get affected as well as of soldiers who have to witness carnage and destruction of the most innocent people, such that these words capture the history of war, its cruelties and tragedies. The bridge becomes a symbolically somber echo of the cold realities of that type of choice, and the fade out adds to the chilling atmosphere of the song’s refrain.

As a whole, the lyrics substantiated as a forceful commentary on the brutalities of war and its arduous impact on the humanity by addressing the tough actualities of the conflict, thus, the listeners had to realize the harsh consequences of war.

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