Seeing a Dead Person Alive in a Dream: 6 Important Spiritual Meanings

Humans many times have weird experiences by seeing walking dead people alive in dreams or real life. This imagination by them shows a lot about the person thinking and the emotional love that they used to have with that person. This usually happens when a person thinks a lot about that dead person. Maybe it can be his mother, father or his siblings or just friends, the person can’t forget his/her presence and seeing the dead person’s presence in other people or dreams proves it.

It is believed that the person you are seeing in dreams may be trying to guide you towards spirituality or trying to express their untold feelings to you. It is important to remember that these signs must not be ignored and taken seriously as they can be very important for their peace and your life path.

It can be a very weird thing and it might also take the person Into the past trauma again but here in this article, we tell you about what it means spiritually and what you can do to stop experiencing this. Many believe it can be the connection between you and them and many believe that the dead person wanna tell you something.

I. The Connection Between the Two Worlds:

When people see a dead person alive in their dreams this shows how little is the difference between the physical and the realm of spirits. There is a small connection between their two worlds and how brink of the seconds it takes to go from this living physical world to that spirit world. When a person sees a dead person alive in their dream spiritually this has a great significance as this means the spirit of that person who was very close to you wants to say something to you. The spirit is having a very important message to transfer to you, do your future or give you some advice. It is also believed that the dead person also transfers their blessings by coming to your dreams.

In Islam, these types of dreams hold a very positive spiritual significance. They believe that their loved one is sent by Allah to them to shower the blessing on them and give a message to walk on the path of spirituality and never run behind the materialistic world for fame and money. The dead person might also be coming to tell you something they couldn’t tell you or teach you something you must do or not to do.

II. Messages From Your Dead Loved Ones:

Messages From Your Dead Loved Ones
Messages From Your Dead Loved Ones

Many people reported seeing a dead person alive in their dreams which they used to love. Most people get confused and have no idea why their dead loved ones are appearing in their dreams. But the thing they forget is that they are in the spirit realm and are trying to convey an important message or some sort of guidance to you. They are seeing from the spirit realm and know things now and have a better sense of awakening in them.

Many believe that they are reminding us to come back to our spiritual path and stay away from running behind money and materialism. They are conveying to you that nothing comes with you in the spiritual end and that you will be alone with your karma and the lovely memories with your family and friends. Thus they might be guiding us to be more humane and kind to others,  helping people in need and following the path to achieving higher consciousness.

Their appearance in our dreams has significance and must not be ignored and taken as a message from them. As it’s completely on you how you perceive this appearance and whether you are trying to learn from it or just waste the valuable message from higher consciousness.

III. Unresolved Issues and Emotional Healing:

Many times there are unresolved matters and unspoken words between you and the past one. This creates a void between you and thus this appearance in your dream can come place. It can be a fight or the lovable kiss that you missed that is creating the spirit of the person restless. This can be a reminder that you pray to their spirit or god and convey the message directly to the spirit and say some last words to them which will give them peace and help them rest forever. The emotional difference between people can affect them to the soul and must be resolved as soon as possible.

Social differences and the fights which we create in this physical world and take them so seriously and carry them in our bead and treat them with our ego are nullified when you break the physical connection from this world. Then you realise that all the differences and fights which you have just created in your head were so useless and illogical that they should not exist. But we people force it and create hatred between us.

Thus solving any fight is important and must be done as early as possible. Because no one knows how the end will be and thus these emotional dilemmas can carry on further and ruin the relations further. Thus if you see any kind of dream about a dead person alive then spiritually it means that the dead person wants to talk to you about something or resolve old problems between you.

IV. Spiritual Awakening and Higher Consciousness:

Spiritual Awakening and Higher Consciousness
Spiritual Awakening and Higher Consciousness

For some people seeing a dead person alive in a dream can act as a spiritual awakening and start a new chapter in one’s life that will start believing in higher consciousness. This can change the motive of the person who is mainly running behind fame, money and materialistic life. This person starts circling in a never-ending loop of finding more and more money and success. The person for his whole life runs behind money and forgets to even enjoy the path. The life of today’s generation has just become a never-ending race.

This dream could be that spark when the fire of spirituality lights in you and you follow the path to calm your inner self and make you follow the path of simplicity and discipline. This doesn’t mean you will not enjoy life but enjoy the true meaning of life with spirituality. Some people get scared by watching the dead person in dreams but it shouldn’t be taken like that, rather it is a pure spiritual energy that will give you blessing and good guidance in your life. This higher consciousness is the side of God which will directly help you out. The signs and words may not directly tell you what to do or what not to do but you have to try your best to understand the most rational meaning of it and use it in your life.

V. Cultural and Religious Perspectives:

Different cultures and religions have slightly different meanings for dreams like this. But overall all cultures and religions see this as the blessings from higher consciousness and take their words in dreams as guidance and try to implement those in real life and improve it. It can be in Islam or Christianity or Hinduism all religions respect spiritual power. This shows the tiny margin of difference between the spiritual and physical world and spiritual power from that realm can easily see us and thus can guide us better than we can.

In Christianity, the spiritual spirits are considered very holy and the angels which are mentioned in the Bible multiple times are the same spiritual beings which have higher consciousness and thus come to earth to guide us humans who are blindly following the same path of materialism. These pure souls have achieved spiritual awakening and have reached the level of high consciousness. So they are taken as highly positive beings who guide us toward the path of god and teach us to be more disciplined in life.

The preachers of Islam always teach the strong message of dreams and how they are the connection between us and god. Dreams are the medium by which higher consciousness talks to us and guides us to follow spirituality in the right way. The dead person in Islam refers to the same energy and thus believes this showering of blessing from the god above. Some believe that you must have been distracted from the path of spirituality and discipline and thus have sent your loved one to remind you of the true path of life.

VI. Scepticism and Scientific Explanations:

Scepticism and Scientific Explanations
Scepticism and Scientific Explanations

In this article, we talked in detail about the spiritual meaning of seeing a dead person alive but in this part, we will give you a little peak into the scientific awareness about this event and tell you a little about how your brain and memory a dead loved one in a dream can mean a lot more in spirituality but can be a little game of your unconscious mind and your nostalgic memories which the brain is reminding you so that it doesn’t vanish from your mind.

This is how our brain plays with us and shows his random memories from our past in our dreams. Our dreams are also most likely to be related to what we think before going to bed and how our day went. If you have an aggressive mood for your whole day the dream will also represent this in violence and on the other way if you enjoyed it then the dreams will also be chill and relaxed.

We aren’t know how our dream works if he has little knowledge of what it can be and we have already revealed how important it can be psychologically. How much it can tell you about your inner self which you don’t tell and express. Psychological doctors ask a lot about dreams and by that check your mental health and it can be very important in curing depression and anxiety.

Dreaming about the person in your dream means that you are either missing the person and thinking about them a lot or it can be any sort of hidden emotional bridge between you and them. Their behaviour in dreams can express a lot about how you think about them and how they impacted you in real life. If you feel any sort of depression and anxiety for a long time, it’s time to visit a professional expert and they might help you a lot in overcoming the situation.


The spiritual meaning of seeing a dead person alive is a complex and a difficult topic, blending personal experiences, cultural beliefs, and scientific perspectives. Whether seen as a bridge between the two dimensions or perceived as a message from the departed, or a spark towards spiritual awakening. This can be taken in many ways and now your rational mind takes it.

But the conclusion to this article will be that these dreams hold an important message in themselves and must not be ignored. Whether you are a person or a scientific geek, dreams like this hold a special place and can be used to make you a little better human.

Thanks for going through this article. I hope you find this informative and engaging. Hope you learnt something from here and will help you somewhere in your life.

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