spiritual singles

spiritual singles The content of Paul’s speech in this paragraph depicts the fact that at whatever stage of single life or married life; there are different duties and privileges. It’s not about spirituality one being superior than another. The choice is only getting along with different conditions existent in each setting and taking advantage of the benefits being offered.

As being alone, the number of time and energy you spend with the Lord above increases. While in marriage and with a family, your activities have to be shared with other people and you don’t have the time and the concentration like when being alone. This can also be a special privilege from God, who gives you a chance to embark on a journey with a stronger faith and a dedicated mind to fulfil His purposes.

Nevertheless, far not all the communicated Christians are destined to be less religious in their couples. It may be explored by taking up other things which you felt were important before you got married or increasing your focus on your family. A wedding is a godly ordained institution and when each spouse joins the family in the right frame of mind then it also becomes a tool for the purpose of bringing love of God and serving His role in life spiritual singles.

spiritual singles

Forget comparing yourself to other people or enduring the pressure to attain what you cannot, but be true to you faith by living out your Christian life in any of the season that you find your self in. There are various ways through which you can show Him the reverence He deserves and this starts with thinking, speaking and behaving according to His expectations, and surrendering your future to Him, whether you are single or married.

A great place to start

When you stress God’s guidance in your life, it is important to divide time for meditation and ask yourself there are several parts. Here are four crucial areas to consider Here are four crucial areas to consider:

1. Prayer and Meditation Could I then say that my day is consecrated to God and I have been constantly seeking His guidance through prayer and meditating on His word. Are not I taking the time to hear His voice and recognize the traversing He is guiding me through?

2. Community and Counsel Do I go to the older faithful Christians and listen to them? Will I ask for advice from wise mentors and understand the Scriptures lesson from them? Do I belong to a Christian group, which is a source of support and provides solid basis for community among group members?

3. Alignment with Scripture Is the direction I’m contemplating or not in compliance with the biblical ideal of truth and principle I’ve believed in? Do I want to follow His orders that are laid out by His Scripture Or, to put the question differently, is it my desire to know God and his purpose for my life?

4. Fruit of the Spirit Am i nurturing the fruits of the Spirit ? they include love, peace, joy, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, self – control and gentleness. Am I showing Him in me? Is how I live and what I say a reflection of His life, not mine?

By filtering through our shortcomings and personal preferences and searching for God’s counsel in or through the Bible, prayer, wise counsel, and self-reflection, we can better gauge His will for our lives and decide what is the most appropriate way for us to walk in His will spiritual singles.

spiritual singles


In defining what I must achieve in life, I must also choose the advisors who will sustain my ambitions and write my concept of the successful person. Here are some questions to reflect on:Here are some questions to reflect on spiritual singles.

1. Influences Things which shape are my aspirations – what are the factors? Who am I following? Do I please the society, follow cultural expectations, direct myself to personal desires, or the word of God and the voice of God in my life?

2. Alignment with God’s Will While I am building the goals, I need to think of the God’s will and of course, of my aspirations which must be in agreement with His plans for me. What if I am led of God and in this way, I am asked to sacrifice my own interests and rights if they are against what is exactly God’s plan?

3. Submission to God’s Leading Will the amount of influence that I exert on my life be equal to the points that I will seek God’s guidance and direction? Do I have it within me to believe in the divine wisdom and provision, albeit if it means I have to quit my comfort zone or overcome my challenges?

4. Prayerful Consideration Do I turn to God in prayer and then ask for only those things and strive for plans that would please Him? Am I being open to Him what determine My decision and even if it needs reorienting my goals and changing the path, do I remain open to the changes?

By being honest with these issues and placing that first God’s desires prior to my own, I can then ensure that the things that I desire and want for my life are in line with what God wants and plans for me.


Taking a look into my life based on the priorities in career, relationships, and personal development, I should examine through whether they are put in their right positions. Here are some questions to reflect on Here are some questions to reflect on:

1. Primary Focus What about my relationships with others in these moments-who is the first person that comes to my mind in times like these? Is my focus more on fulfilling my own desires, intentions and thoughts, or am I talking to God at this stage, trying to find out and to follow God’s plan for my own life and for other people’s lives?

2. God-Centered Perspective Have I come to fruition and now do I evaluate my career, relationships and personal growth by their alignment with the idea of God? Am I keeping God out of my life in this regard, failing to accommodate his rule and enlightenment.

3. Others-Centered Approach Am I led by the values that will make me a better civilian, public servant and person as a whole? My questions transcend career, relationships and personal growth. Am I thoughtful to invest my time in creating significant relationships, connecting with others and leaving the surrounding places better than how I found them?

spiritual singles

4. Balance and Alignment Is it possible for me to guess? Whether I stay focused on my own desires and progress or I take care of the interest and happiness of my friends and family. Do I work to find the right balance in this connection with God’s democracy and norms? This might be in anything, from what I work to what I do at evening.

Through this process, I can affirm the fact that God, amidst all of my priorities, is always a great focus of mine, which I can do by striving to have God constantly being at the center spiritual singles.

No time wasted

The importance of a focused community with Christ cannot be underestimated, especially as this factor becomes more important even if one is in a relationship or not. God’s direction and provision of grace rest at the disposal of any individual who looks to him when the heart is entirely shut toward the issue of marriage, whether single or married. Learning to symbolize our twelve months on earth as the way to being directed by God and be equipped for His future plans rather than being disheartened by the circumstance can help us grow in spiritual singles.

When we put our relationship first with Christ, then we can depend on His word which assures us that everything, and everyone works out in the best way we can for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. Whether it will be marriage or the journey of singlehood, through which we are filled to the brim with His presence, either way, our time spent in pursuit of God will never be in vain. His plans for us are impeccable and attaining the knowledge of this, our lives are way far above satisfying and full of joy.

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