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India has been the spiritual stores near me and and a home for many religions and spiritual traditions which have been a destination for seekers and spiritual practitioners from around the world even since the ancient period. India is the home of Yoga and meditation, as well as the birthplace of many religions including Hinduism, Buddhism, and Sikhism. So absolutely everyone, who walks on its land could not escape a very profound journey of self-discovery and spiritual exploration .

spiritual stores near me

The most important thing that made a great influence on the world was an arrival of the Beatles musical band to Rishikesh in 1968, bringing international attention, with Eastern yoga, meditation and philosophy attracting a lot of people for the Eastern way of life. Nowadays, these simple gates can be found not only in main Hindu temples but also at many Hare Krishna temples and other religious facilities around the world where yoga is practiced with a spiritual aspect that is no less important than the athletic one.

Besides Rishikesh, the blanket of India is sprinkled all over with many holy cities, journey stopovers, and sacred places, the main part, which holds the great spiritual beliefs for millions of worshipers. Throughout India, from Varanasi, which is a sacred city, to the pleasant Kerala backwaters, each location provides an avenue for self scrutiny, for those who would devote themselves in prayer and or for the people who desire to experience unity with the Supreme Spirit.

Even though Ayurveda is the most ancient Indian medical system and method of whole body therapeutics that is already global and popular, people around the globe are perhaps coming to the visiting the Ayurvedic retreats and wellness center across the country. These hideaways adopt an integrated way of life which merge Ayurvedic rituals, yoga, and meditative activities aimed at achieving physical, emotional and spiritual balance.

While narrowing down India’s spiritual destinations; look at the popular travellers side of the picture, and a small portion will give you a good introduction to the ancient matter about how Indian wisdom works mysteriously. Be it when you journey by the sacred temples of Varanasi and Rishikesh where you will find enlightenment and inner peace respectively while on the other hand you may do the same but through an Ayurvedic retreat where you aim for healing. India is always there regardless of avenues you choose to put yourself in as your spiritual growth and self-discovery is concerned spiritual stores near me.


Located on the banks of the Ganges River, Benares, which is an old name for Varanasi, holds an endearing place in the minds of Hindus as the most spiritual city of India. As a town that possibly dates back to even thousands of years, Varanasi and its tradition of mythology, religious life, and the beauty of its cultural presence attract millions of visitors from all around the world. Happening on the banks of the Ganges River where 84 Ghats (steps) are located and beautiful and exquisite; Varanasi is celebrated for the temple goers who are involved in acts of rituals, ceremonies and the washing of hands.

The Ghat, of Manikarnika though burning all the time, stands to the world. A symbol of life and after-life. According to the Hindu devotees the fact that the souls which died and were cremated in Varanasi as it believed might achieve moksha or obtaining freedom from the samsara–the cycle of reincarnation – to the city’s spiritual stores near me.

The city is not only centered around its religious beliefs, but also a cultural station with memorizing tunes of traditional music, the intricate art of silk cotton and the mouthwatering smell from delectable street food. Tourists in Varanasi can wander the streets with venerable history and spirituality, enjoy architectural sights of the past, such as ancient temples, sacred places and local markets filled with people and rapidness.

spiritual stores near me

Varanasi is not only distinguished by its prosperity but also it stands out as a source of an undeniable calmness and a timeless mystery, attracting thousands of people every year who want to get rid of all worldliness and attain the ultimate Nirvana. Varanasi stands as the epitome of the power of eternal life, in both a temporal and spiritual sense. Through this city, faith, devotion, and the richness of culture flow through every moment, setting an enduring mark.

When to go to Varanasi

The best season to experience Varanasi is during the months of October and March as winter is comparatively tolerable and the temperature is not very unpleasant. Thus, winter respite ensures that tourists can get to the city, as well as travel anywhere in it, without being obstructed by hot extremes.

The main reason why we could make a difference by visiting Varanasi at this point of time is that, you have a chance to observe our unique Diwali celebrations which we call Dev Deepavali. Unlike its main winter Diwali, which is celebrated about two weeks ago, Dev Deepavali falls on its fifteenth day of the Diwali and is celebrated amidst much gaiety and opulence in Varanasi. Through this period, Ghats, the city’s ceremonial baths, are adorned with an assortment of lamps made of clay, resulting in a very beautiful scene lining the adjacent river Ganges.

The fulfill occur from the moment the people get together offer prayers, perform rituals, and participate in the celebrations which consist of the colorful procession and cultural performances. The atmosphere while Dev Deepavali is full of energy, the whole city settled without the lights. It’s a life-changing event that paradigmatically exemplifies the town’s unique religious heritage and spiritual wealth.

spiritual stores near me

Top things to do in Varanasi

Here are some must-do activities in Varanasi Here are some must-do activities in Varanasi:

1. Boat ride at dawn along the ghats Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or a beginner find peace and tranquillity by boarding a boat along the Ghats of the Ghati river at the onset of the day. The stirring bustle of life fills you so that you follow along the river waters and watch devotees offering prayers or rituals along the banks.

2. Ganga Aarti at Dashashwamedh Ghat Bring yourself back from mesmerizing and spiritual, beautiful Ganga Prayer which is held in the evening at Dashashwamedh Ghat every day. Observe these adorning, chanting priests as they go about their rituals accompanied by the rhythmed bells and the bank is illuminated with various lamps lined all the way to the waterfront. From getting close dips in the ceremony from the ghat itself to getting a special experience from a boat, the river gives you a chance to view the ceremony from different perspectives spiritual stores near me.

3. Visit Kashi Vishwanath Temple Discover the highly renowned Kashi Visvanatha Temple, featuring the lord Shiva as the principal deity, and celebrate its artistic beauty and religious relevance. Dedicated in 1780 under the aegis of Maharani Ahilyabai Holkar, this grand temple is believed to be one of the most spiritual places to pay homage in the city of Varanasi. Foreign tourists from different countries will enter the temple through a single designated entrance.

These experiences, therefore, uncover the pages of the colorful and religious culture of Varanasi in a way that will be unforgettable for the visitors and intriguing for many spiritual stores near me.

Top tips for Varanasi

It is essential to treat Varanasi with an attitude of respect and contemplation, believing in it as a sacred city instead of a mere residential area for vacationers. Along the Banks the ones who are carrying out the Cremation ceremonies, should be treated holy act that requires to be done with the utmost respect and not any sort of click or camera or filming to avoid any photo opportunity.

spiritual stores near me

Accommodation options at Assi Ghat, which is close to Benares Hindu University, can therefore provide a slower pace and more grooved area for a tourist variety perspective of the city. The compounded factor of Assiy Ghat’s ambience and its close proximity to student’s cafes and facilities, makes the place very interesting for visitors. The visitors have more than enough opportunities to not only mingle with the culture, but to also delve deeper into the spiritual side of the city. Furthermore the sunrise Ganga Aarti at Assi Ghat becomes one of the special things which you will be watching, calm and magical layer being added into the spiritual ritual of holy rivers spiritual stores near me.

Where to stay in Varanasi

If your choice is secluded accommodation close to the Assi Ghat, the Ganges View Hotel is my own favorite, a villa that used to be a mansion with its rooftop terrace, and family table where guests can have an awesome meal together. Other very important places apart from the ones just mentioned which symbolize the core of Varanasi include Palace on the Ganges, BrijRama Palace, Dasaswamedh Ghat, and Guleria Kothi. They assist you in visualizing the enthralling mime of the Heritage of Varanasi with a rich cultural context, thus making for a one of a kind experience.

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